So you want to work as a developer? Here are resources to help along the way.

Interview Preparation

  • kdn251/interviews – Stars: 49.9k – Updated: 5/2020 – Checked: 2/2021.
    • Covers succinctly:
      • Data Structures – linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, binary trees, binary search trees, tries, fenwick trees (binary indexed tree), segment trees, heaps, hashing, and graphs.
      • Algorithms – sorting (quicksort, mergesort, bucket sort, radix sort), graph (depth first search, breadth first search, topological sort, Djikstra’s algorithm, Bellman-Ford algorithm, Floyd-Warshall algorithm, Prim’s algorithm, Kruskal’s algorithm), greedy algorithms, bitmasks, runtime analysis (Big O Notation, Little O Notation, Big Omega Notation, Theta Notation).
      • It also provides links to other sites, lectures, books, etc.
  • MaximAbramchuck/awesome-interview-questions – Stars: 38k – Updated: 1/2021 – Checked: 2/2021.
    • A list of lists of interview questions covering:
      • programming languages / frameworks / platforms (Android, Angular, C/C++, .NET, CSS, Docker, Go, GraphQL, HTML, iOS, Java, JS, Lisp, PHP, Python, React, Ruby, TypeScript, WordPress, etc.)
      • databases (Cassandra, Access, MongoDB, MySQL, Neo4j, Oracle, Postgres, SQL, SQL Lite)
      • caching (Memcached, Redis)
      • os (Windows, Linux)
      • algorithms, blockchains, coding exercises, design patterns, data structures, networks, security, data science, and other lists.
  • orrsella/soft-eng-interview-prep – Stars: 1.3k – Updated: 11/2019 – Checked: 2/2021.
    • Covers complexity, data structures, algorithms, bit operators, numbers, operating systems, system architecture, networking, strings, Java, OOP, and P,NP
  • Ben Rogojan. The Interview Study Guide for Software Engineers., 12/2019.
    • Provides links to resources (heavily favoring video) on various topics a Software Engineer needs to know.
    • Covers some classic questions (e.g. FizzBuzz), algorithms and data structures, big o notation, dynamic programming, strings, system design, operating systems, threads, OOP, design patterns, SQL.

Finding a Job

  • AngelList Talent – If you want to work for a startup.
  • Dice – Been around for a long time, focused on IT jobs.
  • hackajob – Matches candidates and employers.
  • Robert Half – Recruitment agency.
  • StackOverflow – Popular QA site for developers with job offerings.
    • Use your StackOverflow cred to demonstrate competency.
  • Triplebyte – Take a test to be matched with employers.
    • One of the more popular options available.
  • Torre – a job search social network.


These look like pretty sweet gigs. You essentially get paid to learn on the job.