PHP Programming

Still Use It?

PHP is best known as the language behind the popular WordPress CMS/framework. It runs the majority of the web but it also has developed a bad reputation.

See Brent’s article on why PHP shouldn’t still be considered a poor choice for modern development. For a modern PHP workflow see Felipe Lopes’ article on FreeCodeCamp.

General Resources


For tooling, including editors, package management, static code analysis, testing, and so on please see our separate PHP Tooling page.

Web Frameworks



Other Packages/Frameworks

  • Twig – 6.3k Stars – Template Engine.
  • Guzzle – 17.5k Stars – PHP HTTP Client.
  • Grav – 11.2k Stars – Flat-file CMS.
  • Slim – 10.1k Stars – Micro Framework.
  • October – 8.9k Stars – CMS built on Laravel.

Popular Software Written in PHP

Learning PHP