Learning the Basics of Python


  • John Sturtz. Variables in Python. Real Python.
    • Covers variable assignment, types, object references and identity, variable naming, and reserved words.



Conditionals / Branching / Iteration


Operators and Expressions

Python Basic Data Structures

  • Python 101: Learning About Lists. Python Library, 3/2020.*
  • Dan Bader. Common Python Data Structures. Real Python, 8/2020.*
    • Covers dictionaries, maps, hash tables, arrays (list, tuple, array.array, str, bytes, bytearray), records, structs, and data transfer objects, sets, multisets, stacks (LIFOs), queues (FIFOs), and priority queues.
  • Pedro Pregueiro. Linked Lists in Python: An Introduction. Real Python, 4/2020.
  • John Sturtz. Dictionaries in Python. Real Python.
  • John Sturtz. Sets in Python. Real Python.
  • John Sturtz. Basic Data Types in Python. Real Python.*
    • Covers integers, floating-point numbers, complex numbers, strings (escape sequences, raw, and triple-quoted), boolean type/context/”truthiness”, and built-in functions for math, type conversion, iterables and iterators, composite data type, classes, attributes, inheritance, input/output, variables, references, and scope.