React Tooling

Guides to Tooling

  • Camilo Reyes. 20 Essential React Tools. sitepoint, 10/2020.
    • Covers Hooks, Function Components, Create React App (and its Proxy Server), PropTypes, TypeScript, Redux, React-Redux, React Router, ESLint, Lodash, Axios, Jest, Enzyme (and its Shallow Renderer), Storybook, React Bootstrap, Material-UI, React DevTools, and Awesome React.

Core Tooling

Visual Tools

  • React Proto – Allows one to quickly create/drag/resize components to produce a visual representation of one’s desired application. Can export files for use with an existing project or create-react-app.
  • Rekit Studio – See under Opinionated Tooling.
  • React Sight – Allows one to visualize one’s applications (the structure). (see also GitHub repo)


  • Webcodesk – For creating SPA with React.*
  • Reactide – A cross-platform IDE for React web app development. Unfortunately, activity appears to have stopped around 8/2019. (see also GitHub repo)

Browser Tooling

Other Tooling