Interactive Non-Video Courses


Call me strange, weird, or perhaps most kindly, eccentric – I prefer to learn via textual materials – books, articles, written courses, etc. As a general principle, I loathe learning via video.

This is a bit of a challenge as video seems the preferred way to learn for most folks. We see huge numbers of resources for those interested in video-oriented courses – e.g., Udemy.

This holds true for many software development courses as well – e.g. Treehouse and Pluralsight. On this page I’ve attempted to gather together textual, interactive courses on software development.

Do you know of others? Am I mistaken and one of these is video? I’d love to know!


  • Grasshopper


  • Codecademy – FREE / $240/yr.
    • Perhaps the best known for this type of interactive, textual learning.
    • Their free offerings seem to be more limited as time progresses, but one can still do a number of mainly beginner courses for free.
    • Courses: HTML, Python 2, JavaScript, Java, SQL, CLI, Python 3, Ruby, Git, C#, React.js, PHP, R, AngularJS, Sass, Responsive Design, Go, Ruby on Rails, Swift, jQuery, Phaser.js, Pandas, Node.js, Express, Machine Learning, Watson API, Blockchain, Color Design, AJAX, NLP, Bootstrap, Linear Data Structures, Vue.js, NumPy, D3, testing, Kotlin, Regular Expressions, etc.