True Basic

I was recently evaluating True Basic for its potential to migrate an old DOS application to Windows, here is what I learned:

  • True Basic was Basmark Basic back in the day.
  • There is almost no activity on the support forums.
  • The software doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2013.
  • The basic version doesn’t include the ability to create executables.
  • A thirty day demo is available.
  • Once you download the demo you get access to a number of other apps / files – including a user manual.
  • There is a very basic program for converting other basic variants (e.g. QuickBasic) to TrueBasic – but it adds line numbers AND doesn’t appear to handle anything related to graphics.
  • Pricing starts at $39 for Bronze, then $199 for silver.

Based on this data I won’t be using True Basic…and I doubt you should either.

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