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FreeBasic is a free and open source compiler that works with Windows, DOS, and Linux. It includes a QuickBasic emulation mode but also has many features of contemporary languages. The most recent version is 1.06 from Feb. 18, 2019. Development appears to have slowed to a crawl.

Integrated Development Environments


  • Last Release: 2019
  • Version Control Repository: GitHub
  • Notes:
    • Written by Paul Squires who is also the author of (the now deprecated) JellyFB and Firefly Visual Designer.
    • Written by Paul Squires who has written several other IDE’s for FreeBASIC.
  • UI feels more modern.

FBedit (Author: Ketil Olsen, KetilO)

An IDE for FreeBasic built on RadASM, an IDE that was originally written for Assembly, also by Ketil.

  • Last Release: 2009
  • Version Control Repository: SourceForge
  • Notes:
    • The repository has seen some activity over the years, but the only “release” appears to be from 2010 –
    • I’m particularly fond of:
      • simplicity of the user interface
      • window showing all functions within app.
      • ease with which one can compile/run apps from the IDE.
    • Unfortunately, while there have been a number of websites, including, none of them are functional. You can view an old copy of one site at The Wayback Machine.
    • There are several forks of FBEdit, none of which I have had opportunity to try including FBEdit Mod (SVN) and a fork of this fork, FBEdit Mod (Cherry Version) (GitHub)


  • Last Release: 2013
  • Version Control Repository: SourceForge
  • Notes:
    • There is a functioning website hosted by unlike FBedit.
    • Features include autoformatting, auto code indenting, configurable syntax highlighting, compile error reporting, code browser, etc.


  • Firefly Visual Designer (by Paul Squires)- No updates since 2016, appears that WinFBE is its planned replacement.
    • Similar to Microsoft’s Visual Basic IDE.
  • JellyFB (by Paul Squires)- No updates since 2010, appears to be deprecated in favor of WinFBE.

Other IDEs

  • PosideonFB – Last Updated: 2019.
  • wxFBE – Last Updated: 2013.
  • FbEditMOD – Last Updated: 2016.
    • Fork of KetilO’s FbEdit.




  • fbcunit – Last updated was 10/2018.


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